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Residential Lighting

Residential outdoor lighting enhances the aesthetics and security of your home by creating a welcoming ambiance, highlighting architectural features, and providing safety on pathways and entrances. Transform your house into a more inviting and secure haven.

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Estates and Ranches

Outdoor lighting for large estate or ranch owners offers numerous advantages. We can enhance security, create a captivating nighttime ambiance, increases property value, & extends outdoor usability. We help transform your vast space into elegant, safe retreats.

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Commercial Lighting

Outdoor lighting for your commercial business is an essential investment. We can enhance your curb appeal, attract customers after dark, and improve safety. We can help you ensure a welcoming and secure environment that can boost visibility and profitability.

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LED Lighting Systems

Light It Right offers LED lighting systems to capitalize on energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance costs. LEDs reduce electricity bills, minimize environmental impact, and provide reliable, cost-effective illumination for various applications.

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Houston Landscape Lighting Professionals

Do you want to make your property shine? At Light It Right, we pride ourselves in our ability to make your home or business look its absolute best. We provide our clients with the highest quality materials to guarantee satisfaction. We design and install unique, custom lighting systems to meet our customers specific needs and desires. Light It Right has provided effective lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties since 2004. Our main areas of focus include landscape lighting design and installation, custom lighting design as well as lighting repair and maintenance services. We offer a broad range of services to meet nearly any of your lighting needs.


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At Light It Right, we believe that outdoor lighting is more than simply adding external lights to your property. To us, outdoor lighting is an art. Our premium lighting designs require experience, design knowledge, practical application and quality products. We have over 15 years of experience creating custom lighting designs in Houston and the greater Houston area. We cater to both residential and commercial properties. Throughout our 15 years, we have focused exclusively on architectural and landscape lighting. Our passion, experience and focus works together to provide you, the customer, with the highest level of service in outdoor lighting design and installation.


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Ready to illuminate your property? We are Houston locals offering reliable service and high levels of expertise. We are more than prepared to help you with any and all of your landscape lighting needs. Whether you are located in Houston, Katy or other surrounding areas, we will be happy to assist you with your exterior lighting needs. Contact us today to get started! Request a Quote