Job Series: About The Job – Bunker Hill Village

We are The Lighting Experts

As part of our About The Job series, we are taking a deeper dive into one of our projects. This project was completed in 2019 in Bunker Hill Village area of Houston, Texas.

About the Job

We custom designed this outdoor lighting system along with the landscape architect, Oasis Landscape Architects and Contractors and the homeowner. We started designing about a 6 months to a year before we finalized the lighting plan and got started. Since the residence was still under construction, we worked along side the other trades wrapping up the construction and the landscapers putting the grass and beds in.

Coachman Front Dark ( This is the end result, an amazing lighting system complimenting the landscape design, highlighting key focal areas and accentuating the modern architecture.

Unique Lighting 

Several lighting techniques were used on this project. The use of the standard up lights, down lights, and path lights are throughout. However, when it came selecting the fixture to highlight the flowerbeds by the house, we decided the traditional path light would not be the right fit. Since this home has a modern design, we used a modern path light. We went with an option from Pathmark – this path light matches the homes aesthetic, as well as blends in nicely. When it comes to fixture selection, it is important to select fixtures that highlight the home and landscapes design, they should add to the design, not be an eyesore. 

For the pathway, the stepping stones are offset and raised in areas, which can create a safety issue, so they needed to be lit – question was….how. Well, we have used these in ground marker lights several times in other paths or driveways and they created an amazing effect, without being an eye sore, or blinding. The marker lights can be

Coachman Pathlightscored into pavers or tiles, like was done here. Once the cores were done the marker lights were dropped in flush to create what you see – just the light to guide you home

End Result

The end result is a luxurious and welcoming feel. Along with Oasis Landscape Architects and Contractors we brought our clients vision to reality.  We love when working on projects that allow us to be creative and use lighting in different ways and unique.

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Coachman Straight front (


Job Series: About The Job – Bunker Hill Village