Job Series: About The Job – Kingwood

We are The Lighting Experts

As part of our About The Job series, we are taking a deeper dive into one of our projects. This project was completed in 2019/2020 in the Kingwood, Texas area.

About the Job

We custom designed this outdoor lighting system along with the landscape architect, Smelek Design, and the homeowner. We started designing about a year before we even ordered a single light. Since the residence was still under construction we worked along side the other trades, as well as a very complex pool construction. Due to this, we had to work and install in phases, which can create challenges on its own, which added hurdles on an already complex install.

F-2955 This is the end result, an amazing lighting system complimenting the landscape design and highlighting key focal areas and outdoor living spaces. 

Unique Lighting 

Several lighting techniques were used on this project. The use of the standard up lights, down lights, and path lights are throughout. In addition to the more straight forward lighting techniques, tape light, in ground path marking, aquatic lighting, and even motion were used. As represented in the photo above, the project contains a sunken fire pit area. Well that needed to be highlighted while allowing the enjoyment of the area without being blinded. Tape light was the best option as it can be shielded and installed under the lip of the capstones. The LED tap light also provides a continuous area of light, whereas fixtures would have a broken up look, where the light end and the next one begins. 

Water Wall – yes a water wall. That had to be highlighted – now the lights did not always have to be on so we set this one up as motion activated. When someone walks by they come on! F-2933Who doesn’t love special effects. When it came to the front of the house, several things were happening there. We needed to highlight a beautiful water feature as well as create a welcoming atmosphere when coming home. We used aquatic lights in the water feature to make that really stand out at night and ensure it was not lost in the darkness. For the driveway that is where we got to have some fun (not that we did not have 


fun on the entire project)! It is always exciting when using a technique that is not best fit for most projects due to scale. Here this driveway was perfect for the in ground marker lights. We spaced them out to look like the lights were guiding you to your destination – either the garage area or the circle drive out front. It does not matter whether you are the homeowner or a guest, you feel welcomed by the lights. Similarly, there are lights in the steps leading you to the front door, this not only creates an inviting glow, it is for safety as well.


End Result

The end result is only of something amazing. Along with Smelek Design we were able to bring our clients vision to reality. Pushing the envelope when it comes to lighting it was we do and we pushed the envelope a little further on this design and we could not be happier with the end result.

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Job Series: About The Job – Kingwood