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Our Love with Online Shopping

Places like Amazon sell everything under the sun, from books all the way to appliances. Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe and save to a shipment of items that fill a human sized box each month; I am on a first name basis with my UPS driver.

With the ease of online shopping has created the ability to price shop. Who doesn’t love the feeling when you save money and got a great deal? However, many times that great “deal” turns out to not be such a great deal. Many times you may never see the item your ordered, or you are lucky enough to get a delivery, but it is far from what you were expecting.

Do Your Homework

Before you place your order for that “Seems to be too good to be true” item, check around, is it too good to be true? I see it many times, customers will call and ask about a bulb or fixture they found on Amazon, Home Depot, or and ask will this bulb/fixture work in my system. 9 times out of 10 my answer is no it will not work. This is really where reading farther down the page to the small print description comes into play. The top headline looks like a top grade LED bulb that is equal to X wattage and the equivalent 

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to X halogen bulb and the price is only $5, where as an LED from your lighting professional is $30. Wow sounds like an amazing deal, right, wrong. That bulb is not professional grade, most likely not for outdoor use, carries no warranty, and usually the color temperature and wattage is not correct. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with price shopping, comparing items to each other at various sellers, however if you see something priced at $50 at 3 places and then Amazon or another 3rd party retailer has it for $10, more times than not the item is not the same as that the other retailers are selling. Also, check is the item sold by the manufacturer or a 3rd party retailer? If it is a 3rd party, what is their rating?

In particular, lighting products are hard to compare apple to apple, they really cannot be, each one is made for a particular use and each one is made a little differently. There are thousands of bulbs out there and it is overwhelming to decipher the codes that are used by manufacturers. We, as lighting professionals, have taken the time to determine what products we want to offer our customers, and that is based on best use, not price. You have made an investment in your lighting system and our goal is to ensure every part of it lasts as long as it can, and introducing cheaply made or low cost products jeopardizes that effort, and may cost you more in the end with costly repairs.

Always Reach Out to your Designer

If you see something out there that peaks your interest and want to know more about it – just ask! We are here to answer

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any questions you have. See something on Instagram or Pintrest you just love, just ask. As professionals, we have access to millions of lighting products that the general public may not. So before you buy that too good to be true lighting projector system, call us and we can help you determine if you are getting what you really want.





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