Design Spotlight – Down Lighting

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In the next part of our design spotlight series, we will be focusing on Down Lighting. Down lighting can be achieved in various different fashions with various different light sources.

What Is Down Lighting?

Down lighting is exactly what is sounds like, illuminating an area from above, or down.  Down lighting is the most natural lighting technique of all the techniques used by lighting designers. 

Using Down Lights

When using down lights, it is important to prevent glare. Since down lights will usually be above ones head, glare is the number one issue when using this style of lighting. With the us of a shield and ensuring the proper installation angle glare will be reduced, and not blind your client or their guests. Down lighting is a great option to illuminate areas that may have quite a bit of foot traffic or where a ground lights would be obstructive, especially, if there are large tress in the area or a large open space needs to be lit.

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Down lights are a great way to accent statues, fountains, sports areas, etc., since they can are a more focused light. With many down lights possessing a tighter beam spread, lighting designers are able to illuminate the specific area, while avoiding light spillage to other areas, where light may not be wanted. Many times, other lighting techniques will either cause unwanted shadows, or have the light totally cut off by items like statues or fountains, this is where down lighting plays a key role, the light will not be interrupted.


Down Light Options

Shall we start with the traditional – the tree light. These are the down lights that you see the most, they are mounted in trees (hence the name). They can come in various sizes, stains, wattages, and color temperatures. Another fixture used in down lighting are Eve lights. These particular fixtures are mounted under the overhangs on homes and buildings. They are used to down light architecture and are easy to hide in the construction. One fixture that often is not thought of when talking about down lighting is the deck or fence light. These can be used on anything from fences to arbors when a smaller fixture is needed. They are great on things like arbors to down light the space within said arbor.

                        Venice II                                  Lattimore



   Craftsman Deck Light                       Focus Eve Lights


There is no one right way to use down lights, play around with all the options and see which feels right and achieves your ultimate goal – illuminating the area.


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Design Spotlight – Down Lighting