Employee Spotlight: Callie Kuehler, Vice President

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Callie Kuehler, Vice President, Owner, Light It Right

Callie has been a member of the Light It Right team since early 2013, brining a background in hospitality management with her.IMG_2596

Callie, like Brandon, is from the Katy area. Unlike Brandon, Callie was born and raised in the Katy area. She went to high school at James E. Taylor High school then off to college at the University of Colorado – Boulder to study Political Science. In 2006, Callie transferred to Texas Tech University in Lubbock from CU Boulder and started her career in the hospitality industry. In 2007 Callie was lucky enough to study abroad and work at the Stafford Hotel in London, right down the street from Buckingham Palace.

Callie graduated from Texas Tech in 2009 Magna Cum Laude and assisted in opening the first 5 Star hotel in Lubbock, The Overton. After completing a year at the Overton Callie took a job back in Houston and made her way back to her home town.

“People always want to know how Brandon and I met, well it was my Mom!”

Yes that is correct, Callie’s mom was a customer of Light It Right and always wanted Brandon and her to meet, well upon her moving back to town she made sure it happened. (She also thought Brandon was his brother Justin whom Callie knew in high school).

Fast forward many years later – Callie joined Brandon at Light It Right from the Oil and Gas industry and in 2014 they were married on Lake Conroe. In 2016, their daughter, London, was born. Callie is now expecting their second child, a boy, in late December 2018, early January 2019.

Most customers know Callie since up until this year she handled everything in the office, from billing, scheduling, quoting etc. Thanks to the Goldman Sacks 10,000 Small Businesses program that Callie completed she has hired an office manager and she focuses all her time on our marketing as well as the back office so not as many people know her. Everything you see on our social media, blogs, website, or any other social forum is handled by Callie.

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