We are The Lighting Experts

Estate Homes

Estate Homes with in the City limits, as well as outside the limits, create their own lighting challenges. The vast scale of the property requires the education and mastery of lighting that only a Certified Lighting Designer possesses. Whether your estate is on a Zero Lot Line or an Acre plus lot, Light It Right has the expertise and experience to design an awe inspiring outdoor lighting system that will highlight your property and make it shine at night.

Many estate homes may be landmarked which require additional considerations to ensure the integrity of the home and original plan for the home are kept in tact. Light It Right will create an amazing lighting system custom designed to bring out the unique and original architecture of these amazing homes. We understand that you take pride in owning a historic home and we take pride in honoring the history that home carries and allow it to display its full beauty at night.

Ranches and Acreage Homes

Being in Texas there are many Ranches and Acreage homes around the area, and like Estate homes, these types or properties require special attention. When looking to add lighting to your Ranch you will want to take a few areas into consideration – Entry Way, Main House, Stables, Pathways. Do all of these areas on your property have lighting? If not, why not – can you see where you are going? Don’t you want to show your spectacular land off?

When creating a lighting design for a Ranch/Acreage homes space is abundant. A lighting designer, like Light It Right, will be able to take the enormous scale of the property and highlight the areas that are of focus and create a plan that is just right, we even get solar panels set up when needed to guarantee we can get the lighting where it needs to be (we can even hook your gates up to the panels if needed.)

Safety and Security

A lot of the time estate and ranch homes are vacant – you may travel a lot or you are only at the ranch on weekends – that leaves an empty house. Empty houses are prime targets for vandals and break ins. With outdoor lighting on your home and property the likelihood of a security breach is diminished significantly, dark corners are no longer dark, your yard is no longer a dark hole, and your security cameras have a bit of lighting – a burglar has no shadows to hide in. Now, if someone wants to get in bad enough they will, however outdoor lighting will make them second guess that decision.

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