AOLP, which stands for the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, is an organization of lighting professionals who work together to better the industry.

The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) makes it it’s mission to ensure quality outdoor lighting installation and standards. Not all lighting companies are the same, and not all are members of AOLP. Those companies that are members of this organization have taken the initiative to set themselves apart by increasing their education of the outdoor lighting industry and proper installation techniques. When looking to hire an outdoor lighting professional look for those who are members of AOLP – a list of members can be found at

Throughout the United States, there are no clearly defined national standards for low voltage outdoor lighting. In most states, the test given to license low voltage contractors has little or nothing to do with the actual work that they perform. AOLP feels this lack of standards has a profound impact on the safety and quality of services that we provide. AOLP has created a standardized certification test to address the lack of standards that presently exist.


The Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT) exam is administered by AOLP. The CLVLT exam measures the knowledge and capabilities of the applicants and is specifically for 12-volt systems. The test consists of a written exam and seven half-hour labs. Upon receiving a passing grade, applicants are listed as Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technicians (CLVLT).


Primary goal is to promote design excellence and to allow for the development of an individual’s own lighting design style. It is our intent that each individual learns and re-learns the concepts presented, so that progressive change is made in the thought process of an individual design. Also, we will be looking for each participant to get more involved over the four-year period by offering input to the group.

The following bullet points highlight this programs purpose:

  • To incorporate and ensure “good and responsible” lighting design practices
  • To offer advanced levels of landscape lighting design training and instill professionalism to our designers
  • To gain industry recognition and market exposure for our members and AOLP
  • To understand and communicate the “emotional” impact of a landscape lighting design
  • To address growing regulatory concerns and trade related issues

Light It Right is CLVLT Number 1275 and COLD Number 1727 (1 of 2 in Texas). As outdoor lighting professionals we are proud of the work this organization does on behalf of companies like ours and ensuring the future of the industry.