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Many lighting companies or landscapers who “do” lighting say they offer “Free Evening Demos” of the lighting system they are selling to you. Are they really free though?

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Picture you are starting your research about the new outdoor lighting system you want for your home and you are searching company after company trying to decide who you want to meet with and some are offering free evening demos and others do not or they do not mention it. You decide to call a one that does offer the demo and 2 that may or may not.

It is the day of your design meetings (we do not recommend this approach, but for the sake of this example all meetings are the same day), you meet with the two who did not mention evening demos on their websites – 1 says yes we can do that if you decide to go with use and pay your deposit, the other says no we do not do evening demos but we do make any adjustments as requested. They either give you a quote on the spot or depending on the depth of the system complete the quote off site and send a professional proposal over to you.

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The third company you meet with is the one that advertised “free evening demos” You start to realize this company is different than the other 2, you feel more pressure to buy on the spot, and it seems like they just came up with a number of lights needed out of the blue, no real thought process. You are asked by the sales person if you are ready to commit and you of course say NO – no price has even been given, not a discussion about what the lights would look like or where they will be placed. When you question the sales person you learn to find the price and to see the demo you need to commit right then and there, then he can set a demo up for you. So you agree to purchase the system – then you are told you have to do the demo tonight or the offer is off the table. Talk about HIGH PRESSURE SALES, this leaves you felling taken advantage of, but you say ok and go ahead with the demo. Evening rolls around lights are set up and….you HATE IT! Well what can you do now, you already agreed to buy the system so you could get your free demo and now you are stuck, you have to go with it, but you know you will be calling company 1 or 2 back out to fix what company 3 did. So was the demo really FREE?

This scenario happens every day across the county – people are pressured into buying a lighting system quote unseen just so they can get a “free” evening demo. Evening demos used to be the “thing” for lighting companies to offer, it helped customers visualize what was being quoted and to make adjustments before the final install. Well as time as moved on and Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technicians and Certified Outdoor Lighting Designers have come about demos really are no longer needed anymore, these professionals know exactly what they are doing and have photographs to show examples of what they are designing for you.

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Many of the companies who are still offering evening demos to everyone no matter the price use sales people who do not really know anything about lighting, their background could be in medical sales, food sales, or really anything other than lighting. Now this is not true for everyone but a good majority of the larger franchise style or multiple location companies hire sales people of any background (it is hard to find GREAT lighting sales people – trust us!).

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At Light It Right we no longer offer evening demos to everyone, you have to have trust in us that we know exactly what we are doing and that if you want to make a change that we will make that change or adjustment for you no problem (See article about Only Doing It Right, or Not At All). Sure the final install is done, but nothing is permanent, it can all be moved (unless its in concrete of course). We take great pride in our designs and they are proprietary, we are not going to give you a hard copy or show you anything without at least 50% of the quoted price in hand. If you really want to see the lighting prior to the hard install then at Light It Right we will do a Daytime set up (after deposit has been made) for you and you can take the evening to look at the placement and then we will discuss the next day any changes or additions you want made. We have worked very hard to earn our reputation in the designs and lightscapes we create as well as the quality we provide so “free” demos are just not something we are going to do. If that is something that you feel you have to have then look for a landscaper or someone who has not spent decades of their lives mastering their trade because free is not something they are willing to give.

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