How To Determine What You Want

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We naturally want to have it all, but sometimes we can’t have it all….at least not at once. When it comes to your outdoor lighting you may be able to have it all at once, but you may not be able to, so it is key to determine what you really want and ensure you at least achieve those goals first – everything else is the icing on the cake!

Do you want to illuminate the architecture of your home, the landscape, or both?


The architecture of your home is the first thing people see…like the adage goes “the windows are the eyes of a home”.

If you have a newer home the landscape may be too immature and not grown much since planted. This immaturity causes the landscape to not light as well, and is harder to hide fixtures within.

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With this immaturity the opportunity opens to highlight the amazing features your façade may have. Many homeowners are building magnificent homes with materials from all over the world and the masonry work is meticulous. Lighting will put these fine materials on showcase by accenting and highlighting them in just the right way. By using “grazing” Light It Right is able to create depth and texture to accentuate the stones natural features.

Entryways are another key area to look at and determine if you should highlight it. Welcome your guests or yourself home, make the first impression an warm one. Safety often is a concern as well at the entryway – it tends to be a darker area, and may have steps or elevation changes to and from the door. Light also deters criminals from making entry as they will no longer be in the shadow of darkness.


Do you have an “outdoor room” that you love to spend time in and wish you could after the sun goes down? Do you have any cool sports courts like a putting green or bocce ball? Firepits, waterfalls, fountains, statues, and much more can have lighting added to it for your enjoyment after the sun says goodnight and the temperatures drop.

Think about what you do outside during the day, why not continue into the evening. Light It Right has illuminated many Putting Green w Logoputting greens. basketball courts, firepits, etc. for our customers to continue their enjoyment well into the twilight hours. In the summer months it can be just too hot out so take that into consideration when deciding what is important. With the simple addition of lighting you are able to enjoy your backyard party in the “cooler” weather.

Do you have any steps or direction changes in your backyard leading from a patio or other area in you landscape? If you do this would be an area to think about adding lighting. Dark steps can be a hazard and any changes in direction may be missed and you never know someone may end up in the pool!

Keep in mind any key focal points or features you just love and want looking their best. These may include large, old trees, sculpture, a special garden, or anything you take great pride in. Fountain w LogoThese features tend to require more light to attract attention to them so let your designer know you want these areas to be put on display.


Lighting enhances any home and landscape. There is so much that can done with lighting now the options are endless, and truly creates an “I want it all” phenomenon. So when planning your lighting design, first figure out a budget that you are comfortable with and then decide can I have it all now, or do I start off with my top picks first. Designers like Light It Right are also great resources to assist you in mapping out your priorities if the not all at once is an option for you.

How To Determine What You Want