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There are several different techniques used when properly installing an outdoor lighting system. One of these is the use of Coring.

What is Coring?

They are exactly what they sound like, cores of an area removed. Most of the time you will see these used of coring in concrete, however they are also in pavers, natural stone, man-made stone and even in set gravel.

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Will it Damage the Area?

When done properly and with a professional, no. It is important to note that not everyone who installs lighting has the knowledge of how to use coring. It takes a professional who have been designing and installing lights, in this manner, for some time to successfully use the coring technique. Also, the proper tools for each of the different materials that will be drilled into are required, as well as the correct size bits for the lights that will be placed in the holes once they are opened up.

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Why is Coring Needed?

Not everywhere a light will be installed is grass, flowerbeds, or other soft materials. When illuminate a column that separates garages you may need to place a light in the driveway, concrete needs to be removed. When working to accent a drive way or stepping stones, pavers or stone may be in the way. When working with hardscape, some of the material will need to be removed to fit a light it. The ultimate goal is to see the light, not the light source, so making a fixture as flush or hidden as possible is required; this is where coring plays a key role.

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Many times a lighting design does not reach its potential when a designer/installer does not have the ability to place a light in an area where it is needed. While coring is an installation technique that takes training and skill, when done correctly the finished product looks amazing, and takes the design to the next level.


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