Is Service Really Needed?

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You have a brand new landscape lighting system and you start to wonder, do I really need to service my system? The answer is YES!

Your new lighting system is LED and carries a warranty so why would it need to be maintained? You change the oil in your car, the freon in your A/C, and bleach your A/C lines, outdoor lighting systems are no different, they need a little TLC, even if not a lot.

So what do we at Light It Right recommend to our customers?

New Ulm, TX LED Landscape Lighting

Maintenance Plans

At Light It Right, unlike many others, we do not sell maintenance plans. For us, we feel like they are an expense that our customers do not need to spend. With the use of LEDs there is no longer the need to change bulbs every year or complete heavy maintenance work – there is still care to be had just not as much as year’s ago. Also, the products we use carry great warranties, for example, a bulb goes out, most our bulbs have a 5 year warranty and that would be covered. Of course their are exceptions, however most of the time we can claim warranty.

Maintenance Service on the Metal Gears on Black Background.


We advise our customers to have us service their system at least once a year. With having our technician out each year we are able to ensure the voltage is still running at the correct level, the fixtures are clear of debris and still the correct fixture for the original purpose, make changes and adjustments based on landscape growth or changes, inspect the transformer and timing system, and any other needs the system might call for.


As stated above our technician will do a full system check up and make sure everything on the system is working as it was intended to. Things change over time, lights may need to be moved or adjusted to account for landscape changes. Bulbs may need to be changed for either brighter or softer ones. You may like to make some changes to what was originally done as your house and landscape changes. All of this is great to take care of at least once a year.

LED landscape lighting


Service costs will vary depending on location and the work performed. Most of the time the annual check up will be the cost of a service call only. If there are issues that our found like cut wires, bad bulbs, damaged fixtures, etc. then there may be additional material costs. However, if you have us out to service the system annually the extra costs are reduced significantly since we are able to catch issues earlier. That does not mean we can control a rogue landscaper from damaging the system!

Service Client on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

At Light It Right we take pride in the service and products we provide for our customers and want to ensure year’s of satisfactions. With the proper maintenance and up to date service your landscape lighting system will last year for decades.


If you would like Light It Right to meet with you about your landscape lighting needs please reach out and a member of our team will assist you.


Is Service Really Needed?