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LED Lighting Systems

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Solutions

Light It Right is honored to present LED Lighting solutions for your lighting system. LED solutions use a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional halogen light bulbs. This energy efficient lighting solution lasts approximately 30 times longer than halogen lighting and still gives the warm white glow of halogen. LED lighting is available in a variety of color temperatures to better suit different applications, which gives Light It Right much more flexibility in designing the perfect layout for your home, as well as brings out specific details of your home and landscape.

LED Solutions Offer Many Distinct Advantages Over Conventional Lighting

  • Energy Saving: An LED light bulb utilizes 10% of the energy of a typical light bulb. 90% of electricity goes to producing the heat needed to light a halogen and only 10% goes to the actual light. – The opposite is true for LED; more of the electricity used goes to the actual light not the heating process.
  • Money Saving: LED lamps use a significantly less amount of energy than halogen, so you will not even notice a blip on your electric bill. Also, LEDs will last longer than a halogen lamp, so you will not be spending much on replacement bulbs.
  • Planet Friendly: W you take into account the fact that LED lighting solutions can be recycled and contain no mercury, their environmental benefits are clear.

Ready to See the LED Difference?

Light It Right will walk you through our catalog of products to find the perfect lighting solutions for your home or business – whether you are accenting a stone wall or up lighting your landscape, we will find the best solution for you. Additionally, we can convert previously installed halogen systems and to LED while using your current fixtures*. For more information about converting your existing system to LED please contact us!

*some fixtures cannot be converted