Modern Path Lights

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In Houston, the modern style building craze is rampant and more and more often we are asked “Do you have a “Modern” path light?” Up until last year our answer was usually “No”. However, last year we found Pathmark Lumination out of Las Vegas, NV. Pathmark custom builds outdoor lighting to fit the modern design aesthetic and carry the homeowners design style outside.

Made in the USA is one requirement that we at Light It Right strive for and Pathmark hits the nail on the head. These fixtures are high quality, look great, and are at the right price point to be able to offer to our customers. While many of the larger manufacturers we use do not quite have the custom look or feel of modern for a path light we need, Pathmark always comes through when we need that option.

We used a few of these pathlights on a recent job, not only did they provide the perfect amount of light, they blended in with the design perfectly!

When you are ready to install your new outdoor lighting, or update your existing system with these beautiful path lights, or any others we use contact us!

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Modern Path Lights