How to Reset your GFCI

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With the holiday lights going up and the winter weather moving in more and more GFCIs will be tripping. We thought we would give a little How-To to save you time and money this season on calls to us and your electrician. At the end of this post are 2 examples of GFCI plugs.

The age old “If the light is on, the GFCI is tripped” is the most common way to tell if a a fault has occurred, but there are some out there that if the light is on then it is set properly. Most of these style plugs are located where the lights are, especially if if is around a pool area or any location that water may come in contact with the outlet.

One thing to note: If all of your lights have gone out and they are not plugged into a GFCI outlet – if ANY outlets have tripped inside or outside your house that one could have caused the outage because they may have been on the same circuit. Outlets in newer built homes tend to be in the garage or bathroom more times than they are outside.

How -To Reset the Outlet: Push in on the TEST Button which will reset the circuit after a fault. Once you do that, Push in the RESET Button and you will hear a Click meaning it has been reset. IF the RESET Button will not stay pushed in check all the circuits at the breaker box to make sure they are on – if they all are on that means the GFCI may have gone bad and you need an electrician to replace it.

The most common way GFCI trips occur is when it rains, but during the holiday season it is caused more by the outlet being overloaded with holiday lights. Our suggestion when it comes to holiday lights is to add extension cords where needed to spread out the load of lights to different circuits when possible.

We hope this helps and have a Happy Holiday Season from all of us at Light It Right


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How to Reset your GFCI