Unique Lighting Products

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of lighting products on the market – it can be overwhelming. With all the different up lights, down lights, path lights, accent lights, etc. locating that special fixture for your unique needs takes time and expertise. At Light It Right, we have found some truly special products that we offer our customers to meet those special needs.



Bollards not only provide light to a pathway or flowerbed, they are individual works of art. The bollards that we like are laser cut with different designs in them, so, when the sun goes down and the lights come up a beautiful and unique pattern is displayed on the ground. The design options are endless, from Geometric and Modern, to Beach and Floral, and everything in between. If the standard designs or colors do not fit your style, we can get some custom made with you design or even logo.

Light It Right Commercial Bollards - Katy, TX  Light It Right Bollard Swirl, Montgomery, TX


The name alone describes exactly how these lights look at night, like tiny fireflies flying around the tree. These work great when you want to add some twinkle to a large tree. String lights are not always the answer for trees – string lights are tricky to hang and look amazing all the time. Fireflies are stationary on poles of varying lengths and give that nice twinkle affect, and won’t start to sag or fall like string lights will.

Light It Right Firefly Muldoon TX  pic 1


Aqua Beam

Underwater lights are nothing new or unique, however this AquaBeam has something unique – it is small and compact. Many lights meant to be in water have large, cumbersome housings. The AquaBeam is puck shaped and is compact, so it is able to fit in smaller areas and be less intrusive to the overall aesthetic of the water feature it is in.

Light It Right



 Not all lighting is created equal, some are just a light, where others are works of art or masters of disguise. Use lighting fixtures as the work of art they are or to make your art come to life at night.

And remember, lighting truly can go anywhere and do anything. 


Unique Lighting Products