Why Low Voltage Lighting?

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There are two voltage levels available for lighting, 120V (high voltage) and 12V (low voltage). So why would you use low voltage over high voltage for your landscape lighting system?


For starters, low voltage costs less up front (usually) and in the long run. A low voltage lamp will give more light output per watt that a high voltage lamp will, thereby using less energy while achieving the equal amount of light. With a low voltage lighting system you are also able to adjust the voltage a lamp receives, which in turn will length said lamps life span, this is not possible with a high voltage option.

How LEDs Save You Money

Lamp Variety

When designing an outdoor lighting system there are many aspects that come into play to determine fixture placement, fixture use, lamp selection, etc. With low voltage, there is more flexibility as there is a large selection of bulbs to choose. Bulbs vary from large palm sized Par36 all the way to pinky sized bi-pins – and they all come in various wattages, beam spreads, and color temperatures. Not to mention, the use of lenses provide even more flexibility.

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Minimize Light Pollution

Many counties and cities are moving to “Dark Sky” regulations. This is to reduce the amount of light pollution that is produced by business’ and homes in the area. Now if you have a high voltage system you would need to make changes to that system, if not remove it entirely. Low voltage landscape lighting systems, when properly designed, fall with in the regulations and can still be used. If you are in an area with a “Dark Sky” regulation let your Light It Right designer know and they will ensure to design with shielded fixtures and follow the guidelines. Light It Right has many systems installed in these “Dark Sky” communities and understand the regulations.

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Most all of the low voltage around is already under the limits set by the “Dark Sky” regulations, so when looking if you can have lighting or not keep in mind a low voltage system would most likely not be an issue, and a certified lighting designer will know exactly what can and cannot be used.

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Low voltage has come leaps and bounds in the last decade, especially with the improvement of the LED. When selecting your new landscape lighting system low voltage is the way to go, it will cost you less in the long run and the extra flexibility will allow for design features not thought possible.

Why Low Voltage Lighting?