New Trends in Landscape Lighting

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Thanks to Houzz, Instagram , and Pinterest Landscape Lighting had been brought to the forefront of the design world. Landscape lighting has been around for decades, however new developments with LEDs and increased applications, low voltage lighting is hotter than ever.

What Changed??

Well a few things have changed over the years to make landscape lighting, specifically low voltage, an attractive addition for many.

LEDs have come a long way and provide numerous options from color temperature to beam spread, as well as acquiring many new application uses that were not possible before.

Manufactures are making new fixtures and redesigning current ones to provide more flexibility than even before. Low Voltage Lighting experts are now able to put lighting in areas that were not possible 5 years ago.

The industry has morphed into a new lighting world, and it is for the better! With the changes Light It Right has seen over the last 5 or so years we have noticed certain trends emerge from our customer base. We have compiled a few of those trends into our Guide to Trends in Landscape Lighting. This guide discusses what customers have asked of us, what we get asked about often, and what our designers see as the up and coming must haves in the landscape lighting world. The guide talks about home automation options to installing lighting in your driveway.

Here are a few of the trends Light It Right goes into detail about with in the Trends to Outdoor Lighting Guide.


String Lighting

Yes, thanks to Pinterest String Lighting requests have been on the surge! One thing to note about String Lights 

String Lighting


– there are different voltage types – 120V and 12V. 120V will run you much less on the up front side and are very readily available at any home supply store, big box store, website, etc. 12V String Lights are usually installed by a professional lighting expert and cost more than the 120V option, however are much safer as they run at a much lower voltage. Since the 12V StringLights use less power they are really the only String Lights that can go over water, like a pool, and be to code.

Step Lights/Hardscape LightingStep Lighting by Light It Right


There used to be one option if you wanted to illuminate your steps or hardscape – box mounted lighting. Well welcome to 2018 – we have more options! Whether you prefer the in step hardscape lights, LED tape light, or even light bars, you have the choice. With the LED tape light and light bar you can achieve that continuous light appearance along the entire step, just like you see at your favorite beach resort. With the hardscape in step light you can create patterns going up the kick plates by staggering the light placement. You can even put lights in the treads of the steps if that is what you are into.


To learn more about outdoor lighting and the current trends please download our Guide.



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