The Light It Right Process

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Many ask “What is your process?”, or “Where do we start?”. We thought it was time to put those answers down on paper and give our future clients a head start on what to expect when working with Light It Right for your new lighting system.

First, you will meet with our Designer to go over what expectations you have, goals you want to achieve, and any specific area that you would like to focus on. Our designer will provide guidance as well as ideas as to what can be done, as well as if what all you would like to be done can be achieved within your budget. (Remember our lighting systems can be done in phases, so if you are out of your budget, select the most important and then add later.)

After your initial meeting with our Designer we will get to work on designing your custom lighting system. Your designer will take all the notes from your design meeting and select the most appropriate fixture for the application and send a detailed proposal via PandaDoc. You may also request an in-person review meeting if you would like. Once you receive your detailed quote, you can send questions to your designer directly via PandaDoc, Email, or Call. We can make any changes that you would like if you feel there are adjustments needed. Once your Designer has completed the changes requested, if any, and the contract is signed our office will get to work.

Once Light It Right has received your signed contract in the office a deposit request will be sent out, 50% is required up front. Once the deposit is received the office will place your lighting on the next supply order, order a dig tess of your property, and prepare any other items that may be needed for your custom system to be installed. Once your lights have arrived and been checked in you will be contacted with an installation date, this is usually within a week of the deposit received date, based on schedule availability.

On the install date, our crews will arrive and begin to open up trenches for wire and start setting lights in their correct places. Once the install is complete (timing varies based on system size) the install crew will close up all trenches and clean the job site – it will be like we were never there.

Once the installation is complete you will hear from our office or your designer to check on how things went and if all the lighting is where you would like it. You will also receive your final invoice reflecting what is remaining, including any additions, subtractions, and deposit made. In a separate email, your Warranty as well as information about What to Expect with Your Lighting System will be included for your records.


If you have any questions about our process or Light It Right, please let us know. You can reach us at 281-492-6630 and



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